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Our business began in 1986 and has been growing ever since

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When looking for concrete cutting services, it's important to find one that has been in the industry long enough to know what they're doing. Since 1986, we've been providing quality services to all of our customers.

Services you can count on

On-time appointments are important. If someone shows up late for the job, it just shows they're not too concerned with making a great impression on their customers - whether new customers or old ones. We'll always show up on time, no matter what, because we care about making a lasting impression.

Why you should choose us

• FREE estimates

• In business since 1986

• Fully insured

• Always on time

• Capable of drilling holes up to 30" in diameter

• Cut openings into walls that are 24" thick

• Pavement and floor cutting services up to 20" deep

• Wide range of drills and saws

• Every cut we make is precise

We strongly encourage you to trust us with your wall, floor, street, and parking lot cutting needs. You'll never receive anything other than satisfactory services!

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If you're interested in the services or tools we have to offer, please don't hesitate to call us and find out more information: 734-241-8050!

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